A Return

Well I am sorry I left things hanging, website where sometimes people read stuff. I was really getting into Sker, and then I had a shattering revelation.

1. I was never going to use this setting.

2. I had put too much effort into the setting that it would have been stifling for characters.

3. If Sker was to ever come out, it would have to be as a fantasy story, one which I did not feel like writing.

Hence, I dumped the whole thing. There’s a draft for the elves sitting in WordPress that may never get finished. Sorry, elves.

What made me decide not to continue my shameful hiding was that my life has in fact continued so I figured I’d blog about that. That being what blogs are for.

I have started a new session of D&D however – technically, two sessions. At my residence there is a surprising interest in trying Dungeons and Dragons, so I took advantage of such an opportunity to invite people to play. We did character generation last Friday, and I am quite impressed with the results, though most people left with unfinished sheets. Nonetheless, I had purchased Player’s Handbook 2 for this eventuality and it was well worth the purchase, as I kept people from just playing the same characters everyone plays out of PHB – the classic eladrin wizard or dwarf fighter or whatnot. I was disappointed nobody wanted to be a dwarf or a goliath: they’re my favourites and I was sad to see none of them represented.

The campaign setting was cleverly crafted to allow plenty of finagling later, as I set in 500 years after my current campaign (technology progresses pretty slowly in this world). I wrote some vague notes for each nation/city-state under a basic paradigm that would keep them equal: history, icons, people, government, environment, society, problem. No matter where the characters started, there would be something going on and they would all have a general sense about their home – one which would fit the average person from such a place. That was a happy moment for me.
Nostras - 6th era with capitals

The world thus crafted, I added some fun components to the mechanics. We have 13th Age’s escalation die (the mechanical flavour of the month) and the Angry DM’s popcorn initiative. I also will try to enforce encumbrance, just for fun at the start. We’ll see how that goes.

Our first game will be Friday, so I may report back on how that goes. I also picked up a really cool book today called English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages by J. J. Jusserand. It has all kinds of historical goodies about what it was like to travel in real England in the middle ages, so I’m certain it will be of use in talking about travelling in fantasy world based off that time and place.

The book I bought


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